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The federal Jones Act: its purpose and scope

It makes eminent sense that personal injury claims and related insurance issues in Louisiana often address water-linked matters.

After all, “The state of Louisiana boasts hundreds of miles of gulf coastline, several major ports along the Mississippi and countless miles of inland navigable waters.”

The staggering scale of auto insurance fraud

They don’t always get the big headlines, but auto insurance fraud cases happen frequently. In Louisiana, the State Police Insurance Fraud/Auto Theft Unit announces arrests and investigations regularly. Cases may involve staged crashes, falsely reported injuries or other schemes meant to bilk insurance companies out of money.

Understanding just how big of a problem auto insurance fraud is can be difficult. However, some figures offer an idea. And the numbers are staggering.

What are the widespread ripple effects of insurance fraud?

It is likely that many people in Louisiana and nationally don’t get especially heated when they hear a story chronicling an egregious attempt to defraud one or more insurance companies. Indeed, the bad-faith effort of a scammer making bogus claims to garner unlawful profits is concerning, but its effects are relatively confined and do not generate broad-based public harm.


Spotlight on out-of-network providers in emergency situations

A story like the following will never garner positive publicity points for an insurance company. In fact, it will assuredly yield an immediately sharp public response, even without regard for underlying details.

A recent Consumer Reports article highlights the tale of a young girl who was injured while on a skiing vacation. Local hospital authorities made the decision to airlift her to another facility for treatment. The bill for that service was $65,000.

Louisiana regulators’ response to broad-based Medicaid fraud

It’s a $100 million annual fleecing of Louisiana taxpayers and insurers paying out Medicaid claims. And it reportedly involves legions of insureds who come nowhere close to actually satisfying the threshold income requirements for garnering eligibility.

We reported on the “stunning” results of a Medicaid-focused investigative probe in a recent blog post. We noted in our June 4 entry that “alarmingly high numbers of well-heeled state residents are wrongly enrolling in Medicaid expansion that has been occurring over the past several years.”

Spotlight: cyber risks, management in maritime industry

As far as distinct industries are concerned, the maritime/admiralty realm is about as singular as it gets. Its broad and diverse range of actors includes petrochemical companies, commercial fishing businesses, recreational outfits, goods suppliers/haulers and legions of other entities.

Moreover, those participants navigate on both domestic and international waterways. In doing so, they are subject to legions of national and international laws, as well as guidelines and suggestions authored by various agencies and global bodies.

How far do federal sex discrimination protections extend?

The enactment of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 ushered in sweeping changes regarding work-related protections for American employees. Title VII of that law codified a bullet list of categories to be safeguarded against discriminatory workplace practices and behaviors.

One of those categories is sex. Courts across the country have reiterated in legions of cases since 1964 that employers may not discriminate against workers on the basis of sex.

Workers' comp for issues related to opioid addiction

A recent influx in cases involving the use of opioid medication for catastrophic injuries and surgery, related to workers compensation claims, resulting in major and expensive dental procedures has caused both workers compensation adjusters and stakeholders to stand up and take notice. Opioids are one of 1,800 types of medications that can lead to dry mouth which can be linked to dental damage and costly treatments. 

How has Medicaid expansion defrauded Louisiana insurers, taxpayers?

What is one material benefit of commanding a higher salary than Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards?

Notably, it is still being able to establish eligibility for enrollment in Medicaid.

What are some key indicators of workers’ compensation fraud?

“Blind faith can end up costing you.”

Although that warning is explicitly directed toward business employers in Louisiana and nationally, a recent in-depth media article on workers’ compensation fraud additionally underscores its relevance for the general public. That piece stresses the broad-based downside of workers’ comp-linked wrongdoing for insurers, consumers and taxpayers as well.

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