Spotlight: Cyber Risks, Management In Maritime Industry

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | admiralty/maritime insurance defense

As far as distinct industries are concerned, the maritime/admiralty realm is about as singular as it gets. Its broad and diverse range of actors includes petrochemical companies, commercial fishing businesses, recreational outfits, goods suppliers/haulers and legions of other entities.

Moreover, those participants navigate on both domestic and international waterways. In doing so, they are subject to legions of national and international laws, as well as guidelines and suggestions authored by various agencies and global bodies.

In short, the maritime industry is starkly differentiated and notably complex. One recent in-depth media spotlight on the realm simply calls it “unique.”

That article underscores a specific challenge for the maritime realm, namely, the industry’s growing threat from cyber risks and its need to smartly anticipate and respond to them.

Cyber threats are a constant and ever-growing phenomenon in today’s world, of course, and the maritime industry is not immune from the risks. Indeed, it is a logical target for would-be disrupters having various motives, and its vulnerabilities are multiple and varied.

The writer of the above piece – a longtime industry insider and commentator – notes a handful of “the many vulnerable systems within marine operations.” They range from bridge systems, power controls and communication networks to passenger management, cargo handling and navigation processes. Virtually everything involving technology, computers and the Internet is a concern.

Those with the duty to prepare against cyber risks/incidents and purposefully respond when they occur obviously have a heavy plate of responsibilities. The aforementioned article stresses that a key part of any cyber defense plan for decision makers is “properly managing your risk with adequate insurance coverage.”

Questions or concerns regarding cyber-linked matters in the maritime industry can be addressed to proven Louisiana insurance defense attorneys commanding experience in that complex realm.