Business owners have myriad insurance needs, including these

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Property Insurance Issues

Business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere who thrive over time have many proven attributes that breed success.

They have sagely defined their market opportunities, obviously. They have cultivated a following, honored their contractual obligations, timely paid creditors, obtained financing on attractive terms and smartly invested in their workforce.

And they haven’t been remiss in thinking thoroughly about insurance matters and timely securing the coverage they need to deal with risk. A recent Forbes article addressing insurance basics for commercial entities duly notes that smart business principals “aren’t taking foolish chances with insurance.”

What types of coverage do most commercial players need to adequately protect themselves against unforeseen downsides?

Forbes quickly notes that most businesses are necessarily concerned with general liability and commercial property matters. On-site injury to a customer, or damage to a third party’s property, can be addressed by the former coverage. Property insurance can be a business saver for a company derailed by a fire, tornado, vandalism, riotous activity and so forth.

Most commercial enterprises also need to guard against lost income from business interruption. Customary profit flow can be disrupted by any number of factors, ranging from storm-linked dislocations to employee disputes.

So-called “errors & omission” insurance is yet another type of coverage needed by many companies, mostly professional service entities (e.g., accountants and financial advisers). E&O insurance protects against mistakes tied to a professional’s negligence.

Other types of coverage might also be important to secure, depending on the size and nature of a business concern. A proven law firm that closely counsels and defends insurance companies and their commercial insureds can provide further information and, when necessary, diligent representation in a legal matter.