Focus on a pronounced nemesis: the scourge of insurance fraud

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Insurance Law

As a long-tenured and proven Louisiana insurance defense law firm, the attorneys at Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison have represented diverse businesses and insurers across a wide universe of industry-linked matters.

Our representation addresses matters relevant to property insurance issues and motor vehicle accidents. It encompasses workers’ compensation claims, employment practices liability, oil/gas-linked litigation and maritime injury concerns.

Those are just a few select areas from a longer bullet list of focal points that our lawyers routinely focus upon for clients that require strong legal advocacy in insurance-defense cases.

As we note on our website, much of the work we do relates to issues that are inherently complex. Insurance is a complicated realm. We stress on a relevant online practice page that it involves specialized rules and language and often features complex interaction between state and federal laws.

One distinct factor that can make an existing insurance-tied matter even more challenging is fraud. By that, we mean purposeful conduct by a worker, alleged injury/accident victim or other third party aimed at unlawfully profiting at the expense of an employer or insurer.

How big of a problem is that in Louisiana and nationally?

Reportedly, very big, indeed. One recent online overview addressing insurance fraud concerns, costs and responses cites industry reports “estimating losses from fraud at 10% of premium for property and casualty insurers.”

That is flatly a multi-billion-dollar concern that mandates an immediate and sound response.

Insurers are of course already doing everything they can to identify and combat fraud efforts. Their actions start with careful claim scrutiny and encompass careful investigations. When necessary, they entail the filing of civil and criminal lawsuits.

The above-cited article stresses the growing momentum that is now pushing fraud detection solutions guided by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. High-tech tools will understandably gain progressively more traction as time goes by.

Many concerned business and insurance entities also reasonably turn to insurance attorneys with demonstrated records of strong client advocacy for help with fraud-related concerns.

We invite queries to our firm concerning any aspect of insurance defense, welcoming the opportunity to discuss the knowledgeable and impassioned advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of a diverse and valued clientele.