Employers’ protection against a prominent workplace threat

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | employment practices liability defense

Louisiana employers spanning virtually every industry know that they must be on their proverbial toes when it comes to anticipating and protecting against employee complaints.

Those threats span a wide universe of subject matter, and they can easily spawn legal complaints and dire liability concerns.

Let’s just consider workplace-linked sexual harassment and related discrimination concerns. That terrain is but a slice of a much larger realm of employer concerns in the labor law sphere (e.g., those encompass hiring, race and age discrimination, wage/hour violations, wrongful termination and more), but it can be especially volatile.

And damaging, especially in today’s highly charged business environment. Increasing allegations of on-the-job sexual misbehavior are notably surfacing in the wake of launched mass movements like #MeToo.

Concededly, many things that have long existed as workplace evils need to change in corporate settings across the country. Recent research suggests that progress is being made. A recent business article spotlighting the polled opinions of more than 1,000 male business executives states that adjusted behaviors are broadly (though unevenly) emerging.

The bottom line is that some businesses are responding to real-life concerns in a good-faith way that is both proactive and smart, with others comparatively lagging. In either case, sound legal input can materially assist business decision makers as they seek to implement and update company best practices and handbooks and respond to employment-linked liability matters.

A proven insurance defense legal team that routinely promotes the best interests of Louisiana employers can help valued clients optimally face labor law challenges and related insurance-linked concerns.