Summer and theft crime claims

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Property Insurance Issues

One thing homeowners insurance companies can see a lot of during the summer months are insurance claims related to theft. Experts point to theft claims being at rather high levels during the summer. And statistics indicate that we are entering what is traditionally the most theft-claim-heavy time of this season.

The statistics are from Travelers Insurance, and they regard which months see the most theft -related claims. They indicate that the month we just left, July, sees the second highest total of such claims. What month holds the highest total? The month that just started, August.

One factor that is cited by experts as contributing to summer’s high theft-claim levels is the fact that many people go on vacation during this season. An unoccupied home can be an attractive target for thieves.

When a homeowner goes on vacation, there are many factors that can impact how at-risk their house will be for theft. This includes what sorts of things they did and precautions they took before they left. One would hope all homeowners would be vigilant in taking proper theft prevention measures regarding their home before going on a trip.

As this underscores, the circumstances surrounding home thefts that occur while individuals are out on vacation can be quite varied. Such circumstances can end up being very impactful when it comes to claims filed relation to such thefts. So, when disputes arise regarding what the exact circumstances surrounding such a theft were, what happens with the dispute can have significant ramifications for an insurer. This is among the things it can be important for Louisiana insurers to remain mindful of during the theft-claim-heavy months of summer.

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