Disasters have hit many parts of Louisiana in recent times

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Insurance Law

Insurance claims related to disasters are ones that many insurers that operate here in Louisiana may have seen in recent years. As recent statistics put forward by the Louisiana Department of Insurance point to, disasters have hit all different parts of the state in recent times.

The study regards federal major disaster declarations issued over around the past year and a half. The declarations issued in relation to Louisiana over this period, in total, covered 56 of the state’s parishes. This is almost 90 percent of the parishes in the state.

The statistics also indicate that 14 parishes got put under a disaster declaration twice over the above-mentioned period. This works out to over 20 percent of the state’s parishes.

Severe weather events such as flooding, storms and tornadoes were behind these declarations.

As these numbers underscore, disaster-related claims have the potential to pop up in all different parts Louisiana. Whatever part of Louisiana an insurance company operates in, how much in disaster-related claims it receives and how it responds to such claims and any problems that come up in relation to them can be very impactful.

One wonders if the next year and half will see disasters hit as wide of an area of Louisiana as was the case in the past year and a half. One also wonders what sorts of trends insurance companies will see regarding disaster-related claims here in Louisiana over the next year and a half and what impacts such trends will have on such companies.

Source: Insurance Journal,“Louisiana Disaster Declarations in Last 18 Months Involved Nearly 90% of Parishes,” May 24, 2017