The unique risks of autumn

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2016 | Property Insurance Issues

Each season has its own unique aspects, including its own risks. Some of these risks could give rise to events that lead to homeowners insurance claims. As fall recently kicked off, today we will go over some of these types of risks that this season can carry along with it.

Among the home-related risks that can come up during autumn are:

  • Fire risks: Fall is the home of some holiday seasons, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. One common thing homeowners do for holidays is decorate their homes. Some decorations, such as decorations involving lit candles, could pose potential fire hazards.
  • Theft and vandalism risks: Another thing many do over the fall holidays is travel. When a homeowner is away from their home for a long period of time, it could create opportunities for thieves or vandals.
  • Party-related risks: There are many parties a homeowner may throw in the fall, including parties related to the above-mentioned holidays. Parties can raise their own set of potential injury or property damage risks.
  • Weather risks: Fall can see a variety of severe weather events. What kinds of severe weather are particularly likely in the fall varies by region.

It is important for homeowners to be aware of the special risks that can come with fall, and to take proper precautions in relation to these risks. What types of precautions a homeowner takes during autumn could impact the likelihood of harmful events occurring in their home as a result of autumn-related risks.

What precautions a homeowner took in regards to autumn-related risks can also be an important piece of information for insurers to have when they receive an autumn-related homeowners insurance claim from a policyholder. Such information can touch on the validity of a claim. Sometimes, how exactly a homeowner acted ends up being an area of dispute in a homeowners insurance claim. When this type of dispute or another disagreement arises in relation to an autumn-related homeowners’ insurance claim by a policyholder, an insurer may want to turn to a skilled insurance defense lawyer for guidance.

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