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A warped business model that broadly hurts the general public

Business entrepreneurs are a notable group for the sheer diversity of ideas they come up with to forge profitable business enterprises. Some open stores. Others provide professional services.

And some stage fake car accidents.

New technology and enhanced insurance-claim management, Part 2

Have you heard of “telematics?”

Although the term and what is encompasses might still spell a relatively new phenomenon in the American business world, telematics is becoming progressively relevant in a very important sphere.

Risks, complexities for insurers impacted by distracted driving

An individual with a background or specialized knowledge in insurance matters might look at the above blog headline and have an instant reaction to it.

In a word, he or she might be underwhelmed. In fact, adverse road outcomes have been progressively tied to motorists’ negligent driving behaviors for years. Inattentive behind-the-wheel behaviors contribute centrally to spiked complexities linked with accident investigation, fault attribution, insurers’ risks/claim-linked liability and additional factors.

Business owners employ new techs to help manage insurance claims

Imagine that you are a principal of a company in Louisiana or elsewhere with a large fleet of vehicles. A long-haul trucking firm might come to mind. Or a taxi company, obviously. Perhaps a delivery service of some sort. Maybe a plumbing company. A private bus firm, catering service, cable/satellite dish entity, car rental company - the lists goes on.

There are legions of such enterprises, with their owners obviously being focused on myriad concerns at all times.

Insurer balks at workers’ comp claim, cites false application info

The workers’ compensation insurance application vetted by Zurich American Insurance Company seemed straightforward enough to its examiners. Based on the information supplied by Tennessee-based Sunshine Enterprise (a seller/distributor of Chinese construction and industrial equipment to American companies), Zurich duly issued a policy providing for coverage.

And then things became far less clear. Virtually the entire leadership and management team of Sunshine Enterprise died in a Georgia airplane crash last year. In its wake, Zurich received a claim from the company for workers’ comp death benefits.

What do insurance companies consider when determining fault?

You have probably heard it said that there are two sides to every story. In some cases, the sides relayed might be incredibly different, especially after an accident.

Sometimes it is difficult for a driver to accept responsibility. And many times when insurance claims are involved, there is an investigation related to liability. But who is at fault in Louisiana?

Louisiana officials announce tighter Medicaid eligibility rules

It’s not exactly mincing words to refer to a federal agency administering a major national program as a “department of dunces.”

Safely couching disdain was clearly not on the mind of Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, though, in comments he recently aimed at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Multiple barbs tossed off by the Republican senator specifically targeted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, which administer the federal Medicaid program.

Continued spotlight on AI assists in uncovering health care fraud

We know at Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison in Lafayette that health care fraud not only exists in Louisiana and across the United States, but runs rampant.

In fact, it is of epidemic proportions and ever-escalating. We duly note in a recent firm blog post addressing malfeasance in the medical realm that its “sheer dimensions … are staggeringly huge

A look at AI’s increasing role in spotlighting medical fraud

A recent Forbes article on a distinct challenge to insurers from the medical realm underscores that the industry “is susceptible to a range of fraud that can cause financial harm and drive up costs in the system.”

That is perhaps the most underwhelming statement readers of our Louisiana insurance defense blog will encounter all day. In fact, the sheer dimensions of fraud in the health care industry have long been known across the country, and they are staggeringly huge. The FBI estimates that the price tag for such wrongdoing costs the public scores of billions of dollars annually. Criminal investigators, regulators and, of course, insurers are painstakingly focused on the hard task of identifying, deterring and punishing medical fraud.

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