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A car’s safety features won’t necessarily lower insurance

Technology has gone a long way toward making cars, trucks and other motor vehicles safer. Today’s high-teach features means that drivers are safer than ever on the roads.

As automobile manufacturers develop better, more advanced safety features, many consumers are wondering whether their insurance premiums will decrease. After all, many safety features do reduce the likelihood of accidents. But there are several reasons why insurers do not necessarily lower their pricing because a vehicle has better safety technology.

Do underlying facts poke holes in that insurance claim?

“Half the story.”

That’s all that is likely forthcoming if you are an insurance investigator probing the details of a claim without having looked into social media information that might be relevant to it.

Focus on a pronounced nemesis: the scourge of insurance fraud

As a long-tenured and proven Louisiana insurance defense law firm, the attorneys at Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison have represented diverse businesses and insurers across a wide universe of industry-linked matters.

Our representation addresses matters relevant to property insurance issues and motor vehicle accidents. It encompasses workers’ compensation claims, employment practices liability, oil/gas-linked litigation and maritime injury concerns.

Can mediation resolve your insurance dispute?

There are obviously insurance-linked disputes that are destined for a courtroom and a formal judicial outcome realized through the intervention of a judge and jury. Parties in some matters – thorny contractual impasses or cases where acrimony is writ large, for example – simply see no other way to resolve legal challenges other than through court-guided adversarial litigation. In fact, they often insist on it.

That is not always the case, though. Many at-odds individuals and businesses understandably seek a resolution venue that is more about flexibility and compromise than scorched earth.

Work-linked mental health costs soaring for employers

Employers in virtually all industries across Louisiana and nationally understandably fret over medical costs incurred by their workers for various reasons.

Health care expenses linked with alleged on-the-job maladies and occurrences pose a special concern. Those range broadly, from claims linked to physical injuries resulting from unsafe work conditions to detriment connected to the wanton or negligent acts of fellow employees.

Should spotlight on insurer re denied claim always be adverse?

The short and immediate answer to the above-posed blog headline query must certainly be this: Of course not.

Candidly, though, insurance companies often get the short end of the proverbial stick from a public relations perspective in stories targeting claim denials. Such tales are often couched in terms of a good-versus-bad perspective. The shorthand version often stresses a vulnerable, disadvantaged and righteous policyholder facing a bureaucratic colossus with seemingly inexhaustible resources and bad-faith intent.

Ships’ decks are common locations for injuries

A ship’s deck can be dangerous for workers. It is one of the most accident-prone areas of a ship, and work on deck involves numerous risks. Even a small accident can result in a serious injury and expensive litigation. Businesses should understand the most common injuries that take place on deck so they can prevent them from happening as well as construct a defense in case of a lawsuit.

The ever-present challenge of fraud for insurance companies

Many Louisiana insurers that offer comprehensive protection to policyholders often provide service across an impressively broad range of industries.

We note some representative practice areas on our website at the long-tenured and proven Lafayette insurance defense law firm of Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison, L.L.P. They centrally include defense in these insurance realms:

Rise in scooter use leading to frequent emergency room trips

Trampolines, hoover boards and four wheelers are all examples of enjoyable inventions that are present in the U.S. Unfortunately, the fun comes to an end when injuries occur, and injuries happen a lot. It’s estimated that trampoline accidents lead to 90,000 emergency room visits each year. Recent news suggests an increase in scooter usage may follow the trend.

How young workers act behind the wheel matters greatly

Many Louisiana businesses have younger workers on their staff. Sometimes, companies have such employees perform job duties that require driving. Issues regarding driving inexperience and immaturity can sometimes raise concerns regarding how responsibly such workers will act behind the wheel.

Whether or not young workers engage in safe conduct when driving in connection to their job can have major ramifications.

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