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A continuing look into the slippery slope of slip and fall

We stressed in a recent blog post the “wide world of considerations” that exist for insurance companies protecting individuals, families, businesses and government entities against risk and liability. We underscored in our August 9 blog entry that insurers act in cases including “general personal injuries, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, employment-linked disputes and many other matters.”

A core realm for such “other matters” is certainly the broad universe of premises liability, which can arise in a residential, business or government setting.

Premises liability cases require additional perspectives

Premises liability claims can pop up anytime, anywhere in Louisiana. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a parking lot, the baking aisle of a grocery store or at an amusement park. Accidents happen in a continuous stream. That is why an experienced defense is so important. These cases require examination from every angle for a favorable outcome.

While it isn’t simple for the insured to win a premises liability case, it’s no easy fete for an insurer either.

Slip-and-fall litigation can be, well, slippery itself

Imagine the world of risk and liability from the perspective of an entity that insures against it. For both Louisiana-based insurers and national companies, daily concerns span a truly wide universe of considerations.

We note some of those on our insurance defense website at the Southern Louisiana law firm of Caffery, Dubre, Campbell & Garrison in Lafayette. Some full-spectrum insurance companies safeguard individuals, families, businesses and government entities against risk centered on general personal injuries, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, employment-linked disputes and many other matters.

Travel insurance becoming increasingly popular

It appears that international vacations are something more and more Americans are taking these days. According to AAA, the number of American family travelers that engage in international travel is expected to be 9 percent higher in 2018 than it was two year ago.

This trend is having many impacts, including potential impacts for the insurance industry. It appears that, as more Americans are taking international vacations, travel insurance is growing in popularity.

Best means of dispute resolution requires knowing options

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace is deplorable. It shouldn't happen and smart business operators understand the value of having policies and training in place as means of prevention.

Still, it occurs. And one of the biggest errors a Louisiana business leader can make is to think it could never happen in their company. All you have to do is look at the headlines of news releases on the website of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to see that these kinds of disputes can happen anywhere from local IHOP restaurants to major corporations. And the financial cost can be huge.

Trampoline injuries justify attractive nuisance designation

Insurance is a broad concept. While individuals have unique policies for their most valuable properties, even those properties have many nuances and details that shape the total value and its liability.

Most people have heard of an attractive nuisance. It’s an item on your property that’s known to cause injuries, yet people buy them for entertainment, exercise or other reasons. The backyard swimming pool is the example best known in popular culture, but the trampoline is another prominent example.

Do smartphones cause carpal tunnel?

Whether you are walking down the street, at work or out shopping, seeing someone head down staring at a phone has become a common phenomenon. According to the Pew Research Center, just over three-quarters of the U.S. population now owns a smartphone. Americans use their phones to watch videos, shop, look for jobs and to date.

With so many people on their phones so much of time, some have raised concerns that all this repetitive motion could lead to conditions like carpal tunnel. For employers who provide their workers with smartphones, this could lead to potential workers’ compensation claims.

The financial consequences of worker drowsiness

How tired workers are is no inconsequential thing. Employee drowsiness can have some serious consequences.

For one, it can have negative impacts for employers. A recent survey found that around 90 percent of U.S. employers have experienced negative effects stemming from worker sleepiness. Among the problems employers commonly encounter in connection to tired workers are absenteeism, lowered productivity and workplace accidents.

What Louisiana cities see the most auto thefts?

How common is car theft in Louisiana? It depends on what part of Louisiana you are talking about. As a recent report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau indicates, the different metro areas in the state vary greatly when it comes to auto theft rate.

The report estimated the auto theft rates for 2017 of over 380 metro areas in the United States. It then ranked them, with the No. 1 spot being the metro area with the highest rate.

The challenge of remote workers and workers' compensation

If you are an employer that keeps up with trends, you might be among those in Louisiana that offer some employees the opportunity to work from home or other remote site. Telecommuting is possible today because modern technology allows for it. By putting it to work, employers can provide the work-life flexibility and attract and retain better employee candidates.

The convenience of remote working does not come without a price. Employers still have an obligation to provide workers' compensation coverage for injuries suffered on the job, but because the employees are not at the work site, managers face a challenge of how to minimize the risk of job-related health problems while also ensuring they protect the business against legitimate claim denials.

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