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This was insurance fraud, not a mistake, say Louisiana authorities

Talk about differing interpretations.

A New Orleans resident wearing two hats as a police department supervisor and church pastor terms it an honest mistake and nothing more. NOPD Lieutenant Gervais Allison’s attorney says that his client’s involvement in a serious criminal matter “is simply a case of miscommunication.”

Four arrested for staging an auto accident in Acadia Parish

Insurance fraud is still a rampant problem, as indicated by the arrest of four Crowley residents who staged an auto accident in Acadia Parish. The Louisiana State Police, working out of the Lafayette field office, are still looking for two more people they believe were involved in the fraudulent scheme.

Workers’ comp concerns: always complex, ever-escalating

Workers’ compensation claims and processes relevant to employees’ on-the-job injuries in Louisiana or elsewhere across the United States are complex and sometimes fraught with legal peril for employers.

We duly stress that point on our website at the established insurance defense law firm of Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison in Lafayette. We note therein that, “From the moment a worker is injured, employers are faced with decisions that can affect their potential liability.”

Close scrutiny: insurance industry focuses on adjuster liability

America’s insurance industry is currently riveted on the details of an interesting court case from Washington State. That matter centrally spotlights the extension of personal liability in bad-faith litigation.

The key facts of the case can be quickly sketched. An underinsured motorcyclist struck an Allstate policyholder’s vehicle. The biker died in the crash, with the Allstate insured being injured and sustaining material property damage.

Insurers duly focused on policyholders’ opioid-linked claims

It immediately makes sense why drug manufacturers would seek coverage from insurers against claims that opioid-linked addictions and resulting harms spiked following their alleged downplaying of known drug risks for users.

And it makes just as much sense why insurance companies would aggressively seek to avoid a coverage duty and, as a recent national article notes, “make sure they’re not stuck with the bill” in such cases.

Insurers face hard, distinct challenges re cyberattack claims

Many insurance companies are stuck between that proverbial “rock and a hard place” when it comes to cyberattack claims. Those increasingly issue from commercial policyholders who have generalized risk policies rather than specific cyberattack coverage.

On the one hand, a claimant might demand payment for damages based on “all-risk” policy language covering business losses. A commercial client might simply argue that generalized language is sufficient to ensure payment on a claim because it is inclusive concerning damage sources.

What qualifies for entry into the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame?

The age-old American maxim “turnabout is fair play” conveys a fairly simple idea, namely this: If you get the chance to do something, fairness dictates that I receive the same opportunity.

That principle applies in American society from the onset of play in an adolescent schoolyard. It is a common idea and accepted tenet throughout life, in contexts ranging from personal interactions to the business world.

Legalized pot a progressively increasing risk for insurers

“Time is of the essence.”

So says Nat Wienecke, a principal with the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. Wienecke’s remarks – and the shared concerns expressed by other insurance groups and institutes across the country – are focused upon the steady increase of American states legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

When unprecedented catastrophe mars insurers’ ability to respond

Legions of insurance companies operating in Louisiana and nationally have unblemished records of optimal customer performance. That is, they step up to the plate to promptly and fully carry out their contractual obligations to policyholders when those individuals, families and business entities make good-faith pleas for assistance. They take due pride in responding responsibly in every instance.

Insurers are always susceptible to risk. They protect third parties against damages caused by often unexpected catalysts, such as nature-driven catastrophes. Insurance companies frequently deal with devastation that ravages a community in the aftermath of a major storm or event such as a mudslide, earthquake or fire. When, how and why those events occur can be unpredictable, if not flatly unforeseeable.

Business owners have myriad insurance needs, including these

Business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere who thrive over time have many proven attributes that breed success.

They have sagely defined their market opportunities, obviously. They have cultivated a following, honored their contractual obligations, timely paid creditors, obtained financing on attractive terms and smartly invested in their workforce.

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