Workers’ comp concerns: always complex, ever-escalating

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | workers compensation insurance defense

Workers’ compensation claims and processes relevant to employees’ on-the-job injuries in Louisiana or elsewhere across the United States are complex and sometimes fraught with legal peril for employers.

We duly stress that point on our website at the established insurance defense law firm of Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison in Lafayette. We note therein that, “From the moment a worker is injured, employers are faced with decisions that can affect their potential liability.”

Careful and proactive company owners and managers never forget that material risks can arise for their businesses when a workplace accident or injury is alleged. The same is true for the insurance carriers they work with, third-party administrators and additional entities that can be spotlighted by a worker commencing a claim.

The seriousness surrounding workers’ comp matters is understandable; a recent “Workplace Safety Index” report estimates that work-linked injuries “cost businesses more than $58 billion per year.”

That is of course an astronomical figure and, as the above report notes, relates to a somewhat limited core of catalysts that centrally inform workers’ compensation claims. The index prominently features a “top ten” compilation of stated causes that drive employee claims, which comprises s short list of recurring offenders. Those include these hazards:

  • Overexertion (e.g., carrying, pushing, lifting)
  • Falls
  • Vehicle-related accidents
  • Slip/fall incidents
  • Repetitive motion
  • Struck by object/equipment

We note on our website the key point that, “Each state has its own unique and complex system for adjudicating claims.” Concerned parties having questions or concerning regarding workers’ comp-linked liability can contact our proven legal team to discuss effective strategies for optimally resolving compensation claims and controlling costs.