Legacy lawsuits and their implications in the oil/gas industry

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Insurance Law

An individual unfamiliar with the term “legacy lawsuit” might reasonably think it is litigation filed by the estate of a well-known decedent whose reputation or life’s work has somehow been tarnished by third parties.

Actually, it is something different altogether, and relevant in a quite distinct way to a single industry.

Namely, that is the oil/gas operations realm, which commands outsized importance in Louisiana.

Businesses active in that realm are many and diverse. We note on our insurance-defense website at Caffery, Oubre, Campbell & Garrison that hundreds of Louisiana companies “do business across the full spectrum of the energy industry.”

Those entities have always faced challenges while seeking long-term success.

One threat to many of them is the above-cited legacy lawsuit, which has long been a legal sword wielded by Louisiana landowners alleging that their properties have been contaminated by past oil/gas operations.

Such lawsuits can cost named defendants many millions of dollars. In some instances, an adverse outcome can bankrupt a business. Many operators feel compelled to execute pricey settlements in lieu of risking a negative result in court.

Caffery, Oubre attorneys collective command many decades of experience aggressively defending diverse industry operators and insurers against such claims. Many legacy lawsuits target as many alleged wrongdoers as possible to better their odds in settlement negotiations. One article on such litigation stresses that plaintiffs “typically name every operator who ever worked at a site as defendants.”

The goal of our legal team in legacy litigation is simple and direct: to provide diligent representation to our valued clients that focuses unstintingly on a best-case outcome.

We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss our client focus and demonstrated record of advocacy.