Slip-and-fall litigation can be, well, slippery itself

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Insurance Law

Imagine the world of risk and liability from the perspective of an entity that insures against it. For both Louisiana-based insurers and national companies, daily concerns span a truly wide universe of considerations.

We note some of those on our insurance defense website at the Southern Louisiana law firm of Caffery, Dubre, Campbell & Garrison in Lafayette. Some full-spectrum insurance companies safeguard individuals, families, businesses and government entities against risk centered on general personal injuries, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, employment-linked disputes and many other matters.

In doing so, they are obviously duly focused on their required contractual performance concerning claim payments. Concurrently, and as a logical matter, they must also be concerned when they have strong cause to defend themselves against claims that are legally questionable or even frivolous and in bad faith.

In such instances, insurers turn to proven insurance defense attorneys to flesh out the material facts of a matter and fully protect their rights.

An experienced law firm knows how to respond when called upon to represent a valued insurance (or other commercial) client. We underscore on our website that our Lafayette legal team – which collectively commands more than a century of on-point and hard-earned professional experience – “understands what is most important to regional and national insurance companies seeking local legal counsel.”

And that is this: unstinting focus upon strategy implementation that minimizes risk downsides and fully promotes their best interests.

As stressed above, diligent legal representation in that view can encompass a wide swath of subject matter. One area we spotlight online is the broad realm of premises liability. We will take a closer look at that – especially concerning slip-and-fall claims – in our next blog post.