Home risks, insurance rates and insurance laws differ from area to area

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Property Insurance Issues

Different locations differ in a wide range of ways. This includes ways that can have big implications when it comes to homeowners’ insurance.

For one, locations vary in what risks homes in them are likely to face. For example, some areas may have a higher likelihood of seeing major natural disasters. Other areas may see higher crime or theft rates.

Also, locations vary in what insurance laws apply to policies and claims related to homes in them. This is because each state has its own set of insurance laws.

The specifics of a given location when it comes to things like the home risks that are present in it and what insurance laws apply to it can impact many things. This includes what the homeowners’ insurance rates are in the area. Such rates are influenced by a range of factors, including location-specific ones.

A recent survey points to how wide of variation there is in homeowners’ insurance rates here in the United States. The survey looked at premium levels in different zip codes. From the data compiled in the survey, estimates were made for the average annual premium level for these zip codes. Top five lists were then made for both the zip codes with the highest and the lowest premiums.

The zip codes in the top five for highest rates all showed average annual premiums of over $7000. Meanwhile, the codes in the top five for lowest rates all had average premiums of under $550.

No Louisiana zip code made the top five for lowest rates. One, however, made it for highest rates. This was 70091, a zip code for Venice, Louisiana. Its average annual homeowners’ insurance premium was $11,151, the second highest in the country, according to the survey.

Other things the specifics of a given area can impact include:

  • What claims issues are likely to come up for insurers who provide homeowners’ insurance in the area.
  • What things it can be important for insurers to keep in mind and do when disputes come up in connection to such claims issues.

So, when an insurer ends up in homeowners’ insurance claims dispute here in Louisiana, it can be critical for it to have the help of attorney very familiar with the unique aspects of handling such disputes in the state. Having a legal strategy tailored to these unique aspects can be of great importance when navigating such disputes.