Louisiana’s auto insurance rates among nation’s highest

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Insurance Law

Local conditions in a state can have impacts on many things, including auto insurance.

Variation in conditions among the states is among the things that make it so auto insurance rates can differ quite a bit between states. There are a variety of factors within a state that can have impacts on auto insurance premium levels.

How do the auto insurance rates in Louisiana compare to the rest of the country? Recent Insure.com data points to Louisiana having the second highest average annual auto insurance premium in the whole United States. The only state with a higher rate was Michigan.

Why are auto insurance premiums so high in Louisiana? Among the things that some are putting forward as being responsible are the levels of distracted driving, uninsured drivers, gas prices and accident lawsuits in the state.

Factors that impact auto insurance rates in a state can also impact what sorts of issues auto insurers that operate in the state are facing. So, keeping local conditions in mind can be important for auto insurance companies that offer policies here in Louisiana when making important decisions related to their operations in Louisiana. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing auto insurers in Louisiana, given current conditions in the state?

In addition to differences in auto-insurance-impacting conditions, there are also a lot of differences between states when it comes to insurance laws. So, another thing specific to Louisiana that can have big impacts on auto insurers in the state are the state’s unique insurance laws. This includes its laws related to claims disputes and bad faith claims. So, when policyholder disputes come up for it in Louisiana, it can be important for an auto insurer to have legal guidance that properly takes into account the unique aspects of Louisiana’s insurance laws.

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