Mold-related homeowners insurance claims

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Property Insurance Issues

Homeowners insurance providers can end up receiving claims for a wide range of different types of damage to a home. This includes damage caused by mold.

One of the common central issues when it comes to mold-related claims is whether the damage the claim regards is covered by the applicable policy. Not all types of mold-related damage fall under the coverage of homeowners policies.

Typically, mold damage coming out of water damage resulting from “common perils” is covered. Meanwhile, preventable mold damage resulting from a homeowner not taking proper maintenance steps or committing other negligence generally isn’t covered.

So, how a given instance of mold damage in a home came about can be a very significant detail when it comes to insurance claims filed over such damage. Given this, this detail is sometimes a source of dispute.

Various different kinds of evidence could touch on this detail. There can be many complex aspects to collecting such evidence, analyzing it and gauging its implications.

The costs related to mold damage, such as removal costs, can get quite high. So, issues and disputes over mold damage claims can have high financial stakes for insurance providers.

Given the potentially high stakes and the complexity of the issues involved, homeowners insurers may have many concerns and questions when they end up in disputes over a mold damage claim, such as a dispute over how the mold damage in question came about. Such concerns and questions can be brought to experienced insurance defense lawyers.

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