Distracted driving’s impacts on auto insurance

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Insurance Law

Smartphones have become a major part of our society. People have these devices on them pretty much all day and use them for all manner of things. High levels of smartphone use can have many implications within the insurance industry. 

For one, it can have cost-related impacts when it comes to auto insurance. This is because the portability and versatility of smartphones can tempt drivers to engage in distracting activities, like texting, when driving.

When drivers succumb to this temptation, it can lead to distracted driving accidents. Such crashes being common can have many impacts when it comes to auto insurance. For one, the claims related to such accidents could put increased financial pressure on insurance companies. This could lead to insurers taking actions like raising rates.

Distracted driving is one of the things that is being pointed to as contributing to recent rate hikes in auto insurance.

One wonders how drivers and insurance companies will react to changes in the auto insurance market brought about by smartphone-related distracted driving. 

How common smartphone use is can also have impacts when it comes to what kinds of issues come up for auto insurers in relation to claims. This is because smartphone-related evidence, such as data collected by such devices, could potentially play a role in such claims. Evidence issues (including issues regarding newer types of evidence, like smartphone evidence) are among the important issues skilled insurance lawyers can provide auto insurers guidance on when major disputes or matters come up regarding claims. 

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