Report: Homeowners insurance claims regarding thefts down

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Property Insurance Issues

Homeowners insurance claims can regard a wide range of things. This includes home break-ins. However, it appears that it might be becoming a little rarer for insurers to see burglary-related insurance claims.

According to claims statistics put out by State Farm, the national average for insurance claims for thefts has fallen every year between 2011 and 2015. These steady decreases have made it so, over the course of this five-year period, such claims have dropped significantly. What factors do you think are contributing to this drop?

Now, while home theft claims have been going down nationally over the past several years, there are still plenty of such claims filed. So, issues regarding burglary-related claims are still among the many complicated issues that can arise for homeowners insurance companies.

As the level of home theft claims can vary from year to year, so too can it vary between different times of the year. The time around the holidays can see a high number of such claims. So, this time of year, many insurance companies may be dealing with the issues and aftermath of claims filed in relation to burglaries that occurred during the holidays or the surrounding period.

When tricky issues or disputes arise for an insurer in relation to a burglary-related claim filed by a policyholder, what ends up happening in the matter can affect the insurer in many ways. So, when dealing with such issues and disputes here in Louisiana, an insurer may want the guidance of a lawyer knowledgeable in the state’s insurance laws and skilled at helping insurance companies protect their rights and interests in issues/disputes with policyholders.

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