Protect your company after denying an insurance claim

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2017 | Denied Insurance Claims

It is no secret that insurance providers get a bad rap. Most people fail to view insurance in the proper context—as a means of protection in the event of tragedy. Further, many citizens tend to look at insurance companies as “the bad guys.”

If you have chosen a career in the insurance industry, you have probably experienced the negativity associated with this line of work. Following the good faith doctrine in the way you and your employees review insurance claims is not always enough to protect your company. As such, your business could become the target of litigation following a denied insurance claim.

In our Lafayette legal practice, we have seen how a lawsuit can negatively affect insurance companies like yours. While you cannot always avoid litigation or denied insurance claims disputes, you can equip your company for success.

We routinely advise our clients to make sure that all employees follow the utmost good faith principle at all times. Further, it is crucial that you and your employees keep careful records in the interest of protecting your company.

We would also like you to know that having a legal partner on your side can protect your business from an undesirable outcome if litigation does occur. Having a knowledgeable and experienced insurance law attorney on your side ensures that you remain prepared for any legal actions directed at your company.

Protecting your livelihood begins with you. We urge you and your staff to learn as much as possible about insurance law so that you can avoid the pitfalls that might lead to legal trouble. To get started, please take a few moments to read over our website.