Auto insurance claims: beyond car crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2016 | Insurance Law

When it comes to auto insurance claims, the main thing the public may generally think of are claims connected to car crashes. However, typical comprehensive auto insurance coverage goes beyond just motor vehicle collisions. So, such claims can end up coming up in connection to a range of things other than crashes, including:

  • Vehicle damage caused by riots or other public disturbances.
  • Vehicle damage caused by animals, such as damage done by rodents.
  • Vehicle thefts.
  • Vehicle damage resulting from certain weather events, such as floods.
  • Vehicle damage from falling objects.

Whatever type of event an auto insurance claim is made in connection to, there could be the possibility of points of dispute arising between the insurance company that provided the policy and the policyholder. Examples of types of disagreements insurers and policyholders sometimes get into over an auto insurance claim (including non-crash claims) include disputes over:

  • The extent and cost of the damage the claim regards.
  • How the damage specifically occurred.
  • When the damage occurred.
  • Whether the terms of the policy cover the damage.
  • What liability limit the damage is subject to.
  • Whether the claim is, in fact, a valid one.

As is the case with auto insurance claims related to crashes, when disputes arise in relation to insurance claims made in connection to non-crash events, it can be a very impactful matter for an auto insurance company. What actions an insurer decides to take when such disputes come up could have major ramifications on its overall interests.

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