Be prepared for increase in property claims during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2015 | Property Insurance Issues

The holiday season is upon us, with Thanksgiving just days away. Many homeowners are unaware of the risks they face during the holidays, and the increase in the number of property claims that are filed during this time of year.

Property claims increase during the holiday season, according to the Allstate Holiday Home Hazards poll. Some of the most risky behaviors include leaving doors unlocked, leaving a candle lit or the oven on overnight. Allstate also reported that many homeowners do not follow safety warnings when putting up decorations in their homes. 

Allstate’s poll reported some specific findings that put homeowners at risk for filing a claim. The poll found:

  • Fifty-three percent said they plug in too many lights into an outlet 
  • Twenty-nine percent said they failed to water their Christmas tree, which increases the risk of fire
  • Twenty-eight percent said they left their homes or fell asleep with a candle lit
  • Thirty-two percent said they left their homes or fell asleep with the stove on
  • Nine percent said smoke or fire occurred after a cooking issue

All of these increase the risk of a fire, which could lead to disastrous outcomes for homeowners. Insurance companies should be aware of these risks during the holidays and will likely see an increase in claims as a result. 

These claims may be denied for a variety of reasons. Every case is different and can be very complex. A claim denial defense strategy can ensure your company is protected and potentially reduce the risk of further legal action. 

Working with an insurance defense attorney can go a long way in protecting your company’s best interests. Insurance defense attorneys can answer your questions, especially during the holiday season, to help you decide what approach to take in a denied claim case. 

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