Responding to bad faith litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Denied Insurance Claims

Sometimes, disputes arise between an insurer and one of its policyholders over a denied insurance claim. Occasionally, such disputes flare up to the point where the policyholder accuses the insurer of bad faith in relation to the claim denial. This could lead to the insurer facing a bad faith lawsuit from the policyholder.

Facing a bad faith lawsuit can be a remarkably serious matter for an insurance company. What happens in the case could have major implications for the company, both financially and reputation-wise.

Thus, when an insurance company has had a bad faith lawsuit brought against it by a policyholder, it can be very important for it to develop the right sort of defense strategy for its situation. One thing it can be essential to factor in when deciding on defense strategy/approach in response to a bad faith lawsuit are the bad faith laws of the state the lawsuit is in. Insurance bad faith laws vary from state to state.

Louisiana has very distinct insurance bad faith laws that are different from many other jurisdictions. We went over one of these differences in a past blog post.

Thus, when in insurance bad faith litigation here in Louisiana, it can be important for an insurance company to have the help of legal professionals who have considerable knowledge of the specifics of Louisiana insurance bad faith law and can assist it in developing a defense strategy suitable for the unique aspects of the state when it comes to this area of law.

The lawyers of our firm have decades of combined experience in insurance bad faith defense and we have a very deep knowledge base when it comes to Louisiana insurance bad faith law. We can work with an insurance company’s in-house counsel to help the company understand what legal situation it is in in relation to bad faith litigation brought against it in Louisiana and what options it has in regards to its defense.